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Lexington Kentucky Maternity Photographer Rainbow Baby

Lexington Kentucky Maternity Photographer Rainbow Baby.jpg

“After every storm, there is a rainbow of hope”

Lexington Kentucky Baby Photographer Rainbow Baby.jpg

A rainbow baby is a baby born after the loss of a child. You may not notice it at first glance, however, if you look closely you will notice the rainbows that showed up during this session. I was completely blown away when I realized that not only did this rainbow show up during the maternity pictures but then again during her daughters baby pictures!

I have photographed plenty of sunflare in my day but NEVER a rainbow flare like this! I truly believe her baby was there with us on this day. AMAZING!



Lexington Kentucky Maternity Photographer

Lexington Kentucky Maternity Photographer Pictures.jpg

Who looks this amazing when they are pregnant?? I mean, really. My clients are insanely gorgeous, y’all.

I get a lot of mama’s that just want pictures of their babies — you need to get in front of the camera too! One day, your babies will be grown and I promise you that they would love to see photos of you like this.

Maternity sessions typically take place around 27-35 weeks in your pregnancy - Any time that you feel comfortable works perfectly! Maternity pictures can be done in our Lexington Kentucky photography studio or outdoors at a park, field, etc.

We do have a small selection of maternity pieces that you are welcome to use - We are working on adding more so that we have a bigger wardrobe selection in the future :) We will also send you some recommendations on gowns in all price ranges that will photograph beautifully!

For information & pricing about Lexington Kentucky Maternity Sessions: