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Happy Froggy Friday!

Lexington KY Newborn Photographer

This is definitely, by far, the most requested pose that I get from my clients during their newborn sessions :) It's called the "froggy pose" and it is actually a composite that I create in Photoshop. I take 2 photos of the baby (1 picture holding the wrists + 1 picture holding the head) and then I merge those 2 images in Photoshop and end we end up with this adorable shot!

This pose should never, ever be attempted by anyone that has not been trained to do it safely! It takes practice, patience, and knowledge in newborn photography to be able to do this - BUT, when done correctly & safely, it is definitely adorable :)

Newborn sessions take place in our in-home studio located in Lexington KY. Since the actual arrival of your baby is usually unpredictable, we hold space on the calendar for around the time of your due date. Then, once your baby has made its arrival, we will schedule your session to take place between 7-21 days old.

I have over 7 years of experience working with newborns and have photographed hundreds & counting! I am trained in safely handling newborns :)

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